Micro Nano Characterization Facility

Your One Source for Materials, Device Characterization and Analysis


To be a reliable and sought-after global facility for Characterization and Analysis at the Micro/Nano scale


To work closely with academia, industries, and national laboratories to solve challenging scientific and industrial problems, and be home to a team of highly skilled and motivated application technologists/scientists in the domain of Nano Science and Engineering. Be a self sustaining and non-profit facility.


  • Engage with researchers to serve their needs with utmost sincerity and dedication
  • Work in an ambience of openness and transparency, with commitment to be accessible and responsive to IISc, the academia, and other laboratories in the network
  • Review periodically all measurements/analysis conducted, to gnerate actionable insights so as to value to the efforts of researchers.
  • Create strategies and insights through engagement with collaborating industries, in-house experts, and domain experts at IISc.
  • Be accessible to share expertise and resources, while respecting the confidentiality of the work of users/researchers and the networking laboratories

Our values are inculcated from the founding members of CeNSE, who strove hard to infuse a sense of collaboration and commitment to high standards. First and foremost is the intention with which the centralized facilities (NNFC, MNCF, Packaging Facility, SysEF, CoNE) were created at CeNSE and opened to the Indian research community in an almost missionary mode, committed to service. We also draw inspiration from many faculty members from across the IISc campus, their contemporary research traditions, and their partnership with the global academia and industry, which strives to tackle both "blue sky" and "down to earth" problems. Our source of inspiration also comes from public funding agencies which have ensured that we have all resources for the establishment and running of this singular facility.

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